How To Dress Up For Your Wedding

Posted By Admin on 03-05-2021

India is full of different cultures, a mixture of different languages, the cultures which follow different traditions and what not. It is like you coming to a country where people of different races, castes, religions and languages living in harmony and peace. But here we are not going to discuss how really Incredible India is!

let’s just head straight to various outfit ideas for a South Indian bride on her wedding day, making you go through the rituals and ceremonies that happen on the same day and how you can dress up for that, being a bride or guest attending South Indian Wedding.

Haldi Function

Mangala Snanam - South Indian Wedding

It happens to be the first ritual performed on the day of wedding wherein a paste of turmeric, sandalwood and kumkum is prepared by Sumangalis or married women.

Then some oil is applied on her hair with the paste later being applied on her face, feet and hands. After this ritual, the bride takes bath in holy water to purify her body and soul for the wedding cermeony to be performed later.

You can go for anything you wish to which wouldn’t cause disocmfort as you’ll be sitting for quite some time and will be drenched in water.As this isn’t that ritual wherein you actually need to be particular about what you are wearing, you can go for lehenga, simple and sober saree or even like a bit embroidered crop top with a skirt. Even a suit would work. As for the colors, choose light color as too bright of it in the morning might not be a good idea.

As for the accessories, floral jewelry is the best as it will look good with your outfit for this particular ceremony and you also won’t fear ruining any of your other jewelry with turmeric marks.

Mangala Snanam - South Indian Wedding

Gauri Puja & The Wedding

Now this tradition is only performed at the bride’s end wherein after getting ready, she performs a small puja and offers prayers to Goddess Gauri who represents purity, austerity and virtue. This is considered to be one amongst the most religious and prosperous rituals to seek blessings and divinity from the Goddess for a prosperous marriage life ahead.

Gauri Puja - South Indian Wedding

As for this event you’ll be completely ready, the outfit will of course comprise of Kanjeevaram saree with lot of jewelry like kamarbandh, necklace, earrings, lot on hair and wrist, even arms with heavy makeup.

You might be a traditional bride with traditional colors and hairstyle or a modern era bride who opts for a totally off beat color with varied hairstyle and vivid makeup choice.

If being OTT is not your style, then having a minimalistic look is also somehting which will make you feel equally decked up and beautiful on your wedding day.

South Indian Wedding - South Indian Bride

Try a non-traditional color for an added oomph

South Indian Wedding - South Indian Bride

Traditional and heavy embellished sleeves rock the wedding. Nowadays, brides are going for contrast colored blouses, heavily embellished blouses and even quarter sleeved blouses to reflect the true traditional side of theirs.

South Indian Wedding - South Indian Bride

Diamond takes your heart away if not gold

South Indian Wedding - South Indian Bride

Oddly long hair for a leaner look

Flower is all that matters

Highly modern and some carefree feel too

South Indian Wedding - South Indian Bride

Wedding – Bridal Wear Tips

Whatever might be the rituals, whatever might be the functions and howsoever you might follow all, what matters the most is that every bride has the right to look, feel and believe in their beauty on the most important day of their lives.

So in order to not feel anxious and be happy, follow some of the major tips below. Though these are the general ones but still must be kept in mind:

  1. Being a South Indian bride with only the Kanjeevaram saree being the main attire, plan it way beforehand. Choose one which will reflect your style and get blouse stitched as per the design and color of your saree. Ensure that it fits you well.
  2. As jewelry and other accessories form major part of the overall look of a South Indian bride, ensure that you have everything in place. Try not to go too overboard with the accessories as remember, the event will be day long and you might not be able to carry a lot the entire day.
  3. Plan your makeup way ahead and your hairstyle too to be in complete sync with your overall outfit as nothing should look too much.

Hope you are inspired by these styles!