Modern and Fashionable Mangalsutra Designs

Posted By Admin on 03-05-2021

The Mangalsutra, a black and gold necklace with a gold or diamond pendant denotes good luck, love, and friendship. A mangalsutra is not just a piece of jewellery or a fashion accessory; it is a symbol of eternal love and trust that a husband and wife share. A Mangalsutra is a sacred jewel that Indian woman adorns every day.

As Mangalsutra is a daily wear ornament, there is a growing inclination towards lightweight and subtle designs that give an elegant look. The latest styles in mangalsutra include the addition of diamonds with intricate motifs. A simple diamond pendant or a classy ball pendant with simple black bead strings make for an ideal mangalsutra for a daily fashion statement. The floral designs are also very popular in the office going women who like wearing sophisticated designs.

If you are looking for modern and trendy Managlsutra , pick your favourite one here!

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