Romantic gestures as per astrology

Posted By Admin on 05-05-2021


Aries love adventure! It might sound weird but one of the most romantic gestures you can do for them is to arrange an activity that physically challenges them. It could be a trek that ends with a beautiful view, camping in a jungle, adventure sports or something they have not tried before.


Taureans like to be pleasured, and their happiness knows no bounds if a partner puts special efforts to please them. Plan a little surprise for them in your bedroom by dimming the lights, lighting up a few aromatic candles, putting silk sheets on the bed and arranging a bottle of wine. The expression on your partner’s face the moment he or she enters the bedroom will be priceless.


Geminis find romance in every little thing! Simply take a day off for them, binge watch their favourite movie, eat some good food and whisper sweet nothings. Your partner’s day would be made.


People born under this zodiac sign do not like to step out of their comfort zone, and love to do little things with their partner. It could be cooking a meal together, going for a short walk or simply cuddling while talking.


Leos are die-hard romantic people and love being the centre of attention. Take your partner to an extravagant restaurant, preferably with live music playing, and arrange a candle-lit dinner. Tell him or her how they make your life special and you will see a smug smile on your partner's face.


Virgos are perfectionists and like to keep everything around them organised. If you want to impress them, help in reorganising their closet, kitchen or anything else, and the fact that you showed interest in their passion to keep everything ordered would make their day.


Librans love romance and like to be appreciated for the efforts they put into the relationship. One of the sweetest gestures you can do for them is writing a love letter. Pen down how they make your relationship special and what makes them an amazing partner, and that’s all it takes to make them happy.


Scorpios like to spend time outdoors, especially near a waterbody. So, taking them on a beach vacation, a brunch date next to a poolside, boat ride or for swimming would make their eyes sparkle with joy.


Sagittarians love to travel and experience new things. Take them to a place they have never visited before or plan an activity (think a pottery workshop or Salsa class) they have never tried before. They would thank you for your effort.


Capricorns have a traditional approach when it comes to romance. Surprise them by gifting roses, chocolates, stuffed toys or perfume along with a hand-written note, and you will see them brimming with happiness within no time.